Touch Firefox with a new set of gestures

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Touch FirefoxDid you bite on Apple’s latest offering of notebooks? I know I did. Or maybe you have a MacBook Air. Either way, you might be excited to hear there’s an experimental version of Firefox out there that incorporates touch gestures. Get ready to swipe your way through Firefox!

You have to download a special experimental version of Firefox, and there are no guarantees that the gestures will stay the same, continue to work, or even make their way into version 3.1. Having said all of that, I know I’m going to install this experimental version as soon as I get my MacBook Pro tomorrow! Here’s the lowdown on what the gestures actually do.

* Swipe Left: Go back in history [bonus! hold Cmd to open it in a tab]
* Swipe Right: Go forwards in history
* Swipe Up: Return to top of page
* Swipe Down: End of page
* Pinch Together: Zoom out
* Pinch Apart: Zoom in
* Twist Right: Next tab
* Twist Left: Previous tab

This is exactly the sort of thing I love to hear; developers adopting new features quickly. I have to admit that even to the Apple fanboy that I am, the whole multitouch gesture business still seems pretty gimmicky to me. But, I have a feeling that if other developers start using these gestures in their programs, then it will become a necessity instead of a “look what I can do” feature. I should note that Adobe also started using pinch, zoom, rotate and others, I’m sure, in CS4. So, multitouch gestures are off to a great beginning.

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