Apple votes no on Proposition 8

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No On 8Apple has used $100,000 of it’s $25 million banked money to donate to the “No to 8″ campaign. “No to 8″ aims to raise awareness and convince voters in California to vote no on Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage in that state.

In a post in Apple’s Hot News feed, Apple says that it “… was among the first California companies to offer equal rights and benefits to our employees’ same-sex partners, and we strongly believe that a person’s fundamental rights—including the right to marry—should not be affected by their sexual orientation.”

This is one of a few rare times when Apple has used its website to showcase something other than products and Apple news. The most recent example was last October, when Apple’s front page was dedicated to Al Gore’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

I, for one, think it is great that Apple has done this, and only wish that it would be even more public than a “Hot News” item. What do you think? Is it not their place? Comment below.

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  • Stop Smoking

    bravo, apple!

    and, yes, it's very much their place. as much as it is every californian's place

  • Reverend JOE BAYTZIM

    Many Christians are tired of being pushed around by out-of-state special interests. Let's all PRAY for NO ON PROPOSITION 8. See <a href="Tactical" rel="nofollow">">Tactical Syntax for some more No On 8 material.

  • Lisa

    To hear your company is standing up to vote no on prop 8 in outstanding with great dignity to not let anyone course or use false information to push you to vote against what you believe. I say this truly from the bottom of mine and many others heart. Thank you!

  • andre

    Everything but bravo for apple. Here at Light Production we were considering buying the new line of laptops for field work. Now I'm having second thoughts. Companies such as apple should remain neutral in these cultural wars. Very sad. But family and moral values mean more to me than a buck. Oh well. I will still use the G5s. Future purchases? NO!

  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    not to get into a morals debate here, but why would a company's stance on the issues affect tour decision to purchase what were apparently fine products before?

  • Kirk Hiner

    I agree, Adam. Companies give money to political parties all the time without the public generally knowing. If anything, good for Apple for being open about it.

    If Andre choses to deny himself the better product because he disagrees with Apple's stance, that's certainly his decision. But I don't expect (or particularly want) everyone to agree with my personal beliefs, and therefore won't punish those who don't.

    Otherwise, I would never talk to my mom!

  • D. Rolling Kearney

    Personally, I'm disappointed that Apple has allowed themselves to be duped into the false notion that Prop 8 is somehow about human or civil rights. The activist judges that legalized gay marriages, invented a right that had never before existed. Marriage, for the thousands of years it has been practiced, has never been inclusive of gay relationships, and governments and societies have only ever recognized one man-one woman relationships with formal marriage because it provides for the creation of future citizens, and in the proven most-stable environment. THAT is what Prop 8 is about. No rights are being taken from gays, it is simply about restoring the traditional definition of marriage. A homosexual relationship is not the same thing as a heterosexual relationship, therefore separate terms for the different unions are constitutional, necessary and justifiable.

    Under CA law, gays have exactly the same rights as everyone else, under strict domestic partnership/civil union laws. No difference, whatsoever. Period. Prop 8 will not change this, nor should it. No one who supports Prop 8 is asking for any mistreatment of gays or removal of their rights.

    If gay rights groups want to effect a change LEGALLY, they are welcome to submit a ballot initiative to CA voters.

  • Nico

    And all this coming from a man who, on his blog, has the following:

    On a similar note, homosexuality is proven to cause severe health risks, including, of course, AIDS/HIV. We don't celebrate drug abuse to our children, but instead teach them that such things are dangerous and should be avoided. How is homosexual behavior any different? It could cost my child his life!

  • Adam Fisher-Cox

    Well, as I said I don't want to get involved in a heated debate here, but I think Nico's post says a lot. I don't know that this article, which is about Apple more so than the proposition, is the best place to be putting in voter info about Prop 8.

  • Nico

    You're right, Adam. I personally read this blog to find Apple goodies and other company related articles. I'd love to leave my political life completely outside, but hey, we all get a little touchy when reading other person's opposite point of view.

  • JD

    I'm very disappointed in Apple. They are geniuses at computers, but idiots on morality. I have some family that is gay, but the bottom line is there is a tradition of marriage and family that needs to be protected. I have been a huge Apple Fan, I visit their store at least monthly, usually spending too much money. That may change. I think they should have kept to themselves and not made this donation. It's not like race, it's a choice and a lifestyle that is chosen.

  • Matews

    I'm completely disagree with JD I didn't choose to be gay, and I didn't even want to be, I hide and was very traumatic experience in school almost wanted to die, I came from a very traditional christian family, my grand father even mention gay people should be burned in front of a plaza. I was so afraid and I wanted to change but is was like forcing me eat something disgusting because other people thought it was the right thing to do. Finally I left my family and now I'm very happy to be alive, God decide to let me live and be happy for the first time, even though I pray for him to change me or let me die. Well I'm alive happy and I have an stable relationship next year I will be 8 years spiritually married.