Apple advertises iPod touch on YouTube homepage

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iPod touch ad
Apple has paid for a huge ad on the YouTube homepage. This is only the second ad of this size, the first being an ad for the Spore video game. In doing this, Apple will reach a very large audience of its target demographic. But will it actually rope them in?

I find that ads that greatly interfere with my experience on any website backfire intensely, leaving me with a dislike for that company, and not an interest in their product. As it is, this ad isn’t incredibly annoying, but it does shove the content down a considerable amount, possibly blocking it from view on some smaller-screened computers.

What do you think? Annoying or not?

Video below.

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  • Donald

    Its actually pretty neat, the way it pops out of the box. I like it.

  • SEO Blog

    Like it… Looks cool to me!