iPhone 2.2 software requires App rating with deletion

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iPhone 2.2 Software Updates ScreenshotWith the iPhone 2.2 software seemingly right around the corner, there have been a slew of articles about what new features it might contain. One of these very features may help other iPhone users determine how good an App is. Using the rating system, it appears as if users of the iPhone 2.2 software will be asked to rate an application before they delete it from their phone (as seen in the image from this site). However, the screen shot also shows that users can opt out of this.

I think this is a nice step forward for the App Store. If this becomes the only way to rate an application, it will help to get more honest reviews of applications as users will only be able to rate the app after they actually use it. If you’ll remember, this was one of the gripes from users and developers both when the App Store first launched. They were noticing that many reviewers were just leaving negative comments based off the price of the app or what others were saying. Hopefully this will being about a nice change for the ratings system in the App Store.

Via [MacNN]

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  • Pelle

    So then only people who didn't like the app, and hence deleted it, will rate it. Doesn't seem all that good to me. It is already the case that mostly the people who didn't like the app reviews it.

  • Kirk Hiner

    I was thinking the same thing, Pelle. I'm guessing that the thought based on the leaked photo is incomplete. More likely you can rate the app when you delete it from your phone, but you're only prompted if you haven't already rated it. In other words, you can rate the app whenever you want, provided you've downloaded and installed it. But, if you delete the app before you rate it, you're prompted for a rating at that point.

    Seems to me that would make much more sense. Developers obviously don't want mostly disgruntled users rating their app.

  • Pavel

    actually it's complete crap…

    My app "Trippin" has been dropping in ratings ever since this new update because the few people that didn't like it and deleted it gave it a 1 star. The people that like it have no way of easily submitting that opinion … complete flop on apple's part IMO.

    the hell were they thinking?

  • IPayYourMortgage

    Yes, this is complete crap. Only the few people that don't like your app have an easy way of rating it and, of course, they are going to give you a one star. Its a good thing the droid platform is out, lots of apple developers are leaving to pursue that market.