More iPhone 2.2 details: direct podcast downloads on the horizon?

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Remember a while back when Apple decided that Podcaster was “too much like iTunes” to be included in their App Store? Well, now it seems as if Apple has finally woken up and realized that people really want the ability to download their new podcasts while they are on the go—or, in other words, a sort of wireless syncing of podcasts. In a recent iPhone 2.2 Software screen shot leak, there is clearly a “Get More Episodes…” button featured in the iPod Application. Although this is great step forward, nothing happens yet when the user taps it in the current build.

Podcast Updates Screen Shot Via AppleInsider

Out of all of the already mentioned features to be included in the new iPhone 2.2 Software (iPhone maps, iPhone App ratings, etc), this is the one I look forward to the most. If this addition does make its way into the new software, many iPhone users will be extremely happy and relieved.I can’t believe it has taken this long for Apple to realize that, but then again, there is always the lack of copy and paste we could talk about.

Via AppleInsider

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