Memeo brings photo-sharing to Mac and iPhone users

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Memeo for iPhoneOne of the biggest complaints people still offer about the iPhone is its lack of photo sharing capabilities. Phones much cheaper and more antiquated than the iPhone have been allowing users to take photos and send them to people quickly and easily for some time now, so why not the iPhone? Well, now it can, kind of, thanks to Memeo Photo from Memeo, Inc., who has also just announced Mac Memeo Share. These programs let individuals share high-resolution pictures and videos directly to the computer desktops of friends and family from a Mac or iPhone. They join the PC version of Memeo Share, enabling consumers to now share pictures across multiple platforms using the program. But there is one important drawback.

MemeoPhoto enables iPhone owners to instantly share photos when on-the-go. After downloading the product from the iPhone App Store, users can take pictures and immediately send them to their Sharing Circles. MemeoPhoto users also instantly and automatically receive photos that others share with them.

In other words, people who receive the images will be able to easily download them to their gallery, provided they also have MemeoPhoto installed on their iPhone. But the functionality doesn’t end with the iPhone:

Memeo Share makes sharing full-quality photos and videos with friends and family easy by offering a better alternative to using email. With the product, consumers no longer have to resize pictures or send them one at a time. Memeo Share also allows individuals to simply share videos, as it seamlessly distributes content behind-the-scenes through user-created Sharing Circles. Additionally, Mac Memeo Share integrates with iPhoto, allowing users to share and receive photos directly from and to the application.

Mac Memeo Share is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.8 and above and is available immediately in free “Standard” and paid “Premium” versions. The standard version comes with 1GB of online storage space, and the premium version provides unlimited storage for $4.95 a month. MemeoPhoto for iPhone is a free download from the App Store.

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