FireWire to USB convertor to ease the pain of switching to a new MacBook

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Firewire to USB 2.0 DV Transfer CableFor many people, especially hardcore video editors, Apple’s decision to put no FireWire port in the new MacBook came as disappointing—and, in some cases, deal breaking—news.However, Pixela wants to help ease this pain for these MacBook users…eventually.

Here’s what I mean. Pixela currently offers a FireWire to USB 2.0 DV Transfer Cable at their site that was “designed to provide superior image quality and blazing fast transfer times.” This sounds awesome! However, it is currently only for Windows users as there was really no reason to make a product like this for the Mac, until now.

One workaround for this cable at this point in time would be to run a Windows environment on your MacBook via Boot Camp, VMWare, or Parallels. However, if you wait a little bit, we should see plenty of cables just like this popping up from various manufacturers for the Mac. Although you shouldn’t necessarily need a converter, it is always nice that there is that option if you still want to use FireWire on your MacBook.

Via [The Apple Blog] Product [Firewire to USB 2.0 DV Transfer Cable]

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