Quake possibly coming to the App Store

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If it can't run Quake, it probably doesn't have a screen
Quake and even Quake 3 Arena have been available for jailbroken iPhone’s for some time now, but there’s been nothing from the App Store yet. That could all change thanks to ZodTTD. Zod made an announcement that a free port of Quake has been submitted to Apple. Whether or not it sees the light of day on the App Store, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The announcement from Zod came along with some game details. The game is in landscape and has on screen controls since the iPhone does not have any real buttons for such a purpose. This is pretty awkward looking in my opinion. Hey, who’s shooting at me!? Oh wait, that guy is. Right there, underneath my finger. This isn’t the developer’s fault. It’s ultimately Apple’s fault for making the iPhone without any usable buttons or support for a controller through the dock port.

Zod also experimented with accelerometer support, but decided it was even more awkward and hard to use than the on screen controls. I’m betting tilting and turning just doesn’t work well at all with a game such as this.

Here’s a short video demo of the game running. The frame rate looks pretty solid. Even with the awkward controls, it’s got me wanting to play it.

In any event, it’s pretty awesome to see this potentially coming to the App Store. Though, who knows if this will actually get accepted. Thankfully, it doesn’t attempt to replicate any current iPhone apps made by Apple (cough, Opera, cough). I’d say there’s a pretty good chance of this actually making it’s way onto your iPhone. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Read [ZodTTD] Via [TouchArcade]

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