iPhone Dev Team jailbreaks iPhone 2.2 software, does it matter?

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Apple App StoreYou may not even know this, but the iPhone Dev Team announced last week that their current way of jailbreaking iPhones still works on the unreleased iPhone 2.2 Software. Although this is great news and I appreciate the time these developers have taken out of their lives to release this awesome resource to everyone else, does it really matter anymore? With all of this news about the iTunes App Store, as well as the hundreds to thousands of apps currently available through it, there isn’t much of a reason to risk jailbreaking anymore. The only thing holding me back from saying that there is absolutely no reason to use it is because of applications like Qik, which Apple has not allowed in the App Store yet, or Tris, which was simply taken off of it. And I call it a risk only because future versions of Apple’s software could brick your phone unknowingly at any time.

Although jailbreaking has benefits such as allowing any app at all that the user wants (regardless of bandwidth use, porn content, background processes etc), most of the apps you could ever want are now available through the App Store for a slim price, or, in a lot of cases, absolutely free. Not only that, but the apps in the App Store are supported by Apple. Therefore, if one of them ever harms your phone, you will have a better chance of Apple supporting and acknowledging your warranty. Despite there being a few reasons to jailbreak, I still think the benefits of going with Apple’s App Store are much greater in the long run.

What do you think? Is there still enough reason to jailbreak your phone, or does the App Store satisfy all of your needs?

Via [The iPhone Dev Team Blog]

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  • Martin Turner

    I think that's pretty much exactly right.
    The Firmware Version 2.0 was a much more important upgrade to the iPhone than the 3G hardware. It transformed the iPhone from being a very cool phone with extra features, into an interactive computer of a type not before seen. Although there are lots of cool apps that emulate or go beyond the kind of apps which were available on Palm OS or others, the truly innovative apps are the ones which integrate two or more of the iPhones motion, tilt, audio, visual, GPS and telephony features. Labyrinth, XPlane, OmniFocus, MotionX Dice, Color Expert and Signal Scope all spring to mind.

  • Privatemad

    Yes we still need the jailbreakers.. unless someone is selling unlocked iphones..

  • Charles

    By now, there are only 3 apps that justify jailbreaking: Nemus sync, to sinc Google Cal and iPhone , iCallBR, to delete single calls and, iPhone Modem, that allow use iPhone as a wi fi modem. Just 3, but relevant…

  • alex

    Unless I mixed the app that let's you use tmobile as your sp in the app store it is still necessary.