Get more juice out of your iPhone battery with FastMac’s battery extender

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FastMac iV external battery pack
Ever since getting unlimited texting, downloading all the new games from the App Store, and replying to all sorts of email, I have found the battery in my iPhone can run out of juice very quickly. A new product from FastMac aims to solve this very problem, and then some. The iV external battery pack, which plugs into the the bottom of your iPhone like a dock and molds to the phone, provides an additional 24 hours of talk time, 750 hours of standby, and 72 hours of audio playback. However, it gets better. The iV can also provide battery power to any other USB enabled gadgets that you have using its built-in USB port on the bottom. All in all, it adds only about an inch to the bottom of your iPhone.

The iV aims to be more than just a battery, however. With a stroke of genius, the FastMac team has also added bright LED light to the back of their product. This light can not only help you find objects in the dark, it can also double as a flash for the iPhone camera. The iV comes with a 30 day guarantee as well as a nice trade-in program for future upgrades of the product. They sell for $79.95, so head on over and buy it while they’re in stock.

Product [FastMac iV Battery Extender]

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