New iPhone 3G ad “Dilemmas” highlights UrbanSpoon app

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iPhone 3GApple has created another one of their creative and beautifully carried out ads for the iPhone 3G. This time around, the commercial is called “Dilemmas,” and it features UrbanSpoon’s popular dining app that helps users find a place to eat with a simple shake. Toting the iPhone’s ability to help solve all sorts of dilemmas, it also gives credit to the apps that have been created by saying that the iPhone does this “one app at a time.” It once again has that all so familiar voice with the perfectly molded hand.

There is just something about iPhone ads that make me stop what I’m doing and watch them when they come onto my TV. Unlike other ads, they really get to the point in a clean way. For example, there are no flashy colors and paragraphs of fine text. It is just the iPhone and a hand on a white background, which really makes the iPhone stand out. Apple sure does have some clever people over in their marketing department.

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