iPhone 2.2 software WILL have over the air podcast downloading; everybody rejoices!

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Although a bit late to the party, Apple has finally decided to implement the “Get More Podcasts…” button we saw in last week’s iPhone 2.2 rumor which will allow for over the air podcast downloading. This has been one of the most anticipated and demanded features for Apple to include on the iPhone, so it is nice to see they are listening. It will make it a lot easier for users to both download and listen to podcasts.

iPhone 2.2 Software over the air Podcast Downloads

As you can see, the latest build of the iPhone software screenshot above shows both an interface to browse podcasts as well as one to update your current podcasts in the mobile iTunes Store. The image points out that the developer who took the screen shot is currently using a 3G network, so maybe Apple is only allowing 3G or wifi downloads for podcasts. Only time will tell the details, but for now it is just good to know they will be here shortly.

Via [MacRumors]

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