Appletell iPhone Gift Guide for this Holiday Season

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There is no doubt in my mind that the iPhone is going to be one of the more popular gadgets this holiday season, especially since Apple lowered its price by so much compared to the first model. Also, new reports have shown the iPhone is extremely reliable and even a good business solution. However, when you buy an iPhone, you are instantly greeted with a plethora of addition third-party products that can make the iPhone experience even better, not to mention the thousands of apps in the App Store. Even better yet, if Apple manages to release the iPhone 2.2 software update in time for the holidays, the iPhone will become even more functional than it is now. With these great things in mind, we invite you to peruse through our Holiday Season Gift Guide to find the right products for the iPhone lover in your family.


  • FastMac’s iV External Battery ($79.95) – If the iPhone user in your family can’t put the phone down, then an external battery pack might be just what that person needs to feed the addiction for even longer. This solution from FastMac boosts the iPhone’s battery life to a whopping 750 hours of standby and 72 hours of audio playback. Not only that, but it features a handy flashlight that can be used as a flash for the iPhone’s mediocre camera.
  • Bose SoundDock Speaker System ($299.95) – So, you already have your iPhone with thousands of great songs, but now how do you share those with everyone? The Bose SoundDock is the perfect solution for this dilemma. This all-in-one speaker system comes with a remote, auxiliary input jack, and universal iPod/iPhone docking station. And, since it’s from Bose, you know you are going to get great audio quality from it. What are you waiting for? You’re going to have to wake your kids up somehow on Christmas morning, why not with an in-your-face speaker system?
  • Bluetooth Jawbone Wireless Headset ($129.99) – With talking on the phone while driving becoming more dangerous day by day, this wireless headset is the perfect solution to that problem. Claiming to eliminate 10 times more background noise than its competitors, you’ll never have to pick up your phone again. However, if you don’t like the Jawbone, there is always Apple’s Bluetooth headset.


  • Nevercenter’s Camerabag Application ($2.99) – Capture all the great moments of this holiday season with an application that will improve your iPhone’s camera drastically. With eight built in cameras and effects, this app allows you to add border effects, cropping effects, or anything else the iPhone camera can’t do by itself. So, in order to not miss any moments this Holiday Season, make sure you are prepared to snap any photos you can.
  • Griffin Technology’s iTalk (Free) – This recording application from Griffin is perfect for catching family members in the midst of singing their favorite holiday tune, or simply just to record notes. And better yet, since it’s free, you won’t break your budget. Anyways, it’s the thought that counts, right? This app isn’t a skimpy audio recorder, either; it allows you to transfer your recordings via WiFi using iTalk Sync, their desktop application, and even lets you choose your audio rate.
  • EA’s Spore Origins ($7.99) – Despite massive DRM issues with the desktop version, EA’s iPhone version of Spore has gotten pretty good reviews. It can be used to get yourself through what seems like an endless amount of time with the in-laws this Holiday Season. With two game modes and 30 challenging levels, how could you get bored? Be sure to check this game out and be on your way to making your very own creature to show everything at the family get-togethers!

Sure, this list has a lot of ideas, but there are plenty more products out there. And if you think your iPhone user already has everything he or she could ever want for the iPhone, maybe just buying an extra USB cable or a few iTunes songs, apps, or movies will suffice for them.

Feel free to add some of your ideas to the comments, we can never get enough iPhone gadgetry goodness!

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