Firmware 2.2 coming to an iPhone near you on November 21?

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iPhone firmware 2.2 rumoriPhone Hellas claims they have reliable information pointing to the scheduled release date for iPhone firmware 2.2.

Once we received the following information from the insider and convey to each subject:

“The iPhone OS v2.2 will be given in circulation on 21 November’08.”

I love Google translate, it adds that special touch that only a machine can.

There are a bunch of features and updates to look forward to in Firmware 2.2. Here’s a list of what to expect.

  • Google Street View in Maps
  • Walking directions in Maps
  • Location sharing
  • Direct podcast downloading
  • Rate an app after deletion
  • Line-in Audio support for the headphone jack
  • Emoji icon support
  • Tethering (maybe)

And here’s a list of things I wish iPhone firmware 2.2 would add:

  • Copy and Paste
  • Notification Support
  • Turn-by-turn GPS voice guidance
  • Landscape view in Mail

No one really knows why is taking Apple so long to apparently care about Copy and Paste functionality. This doesn’t really surprise me, but what does is that we haven’t heard anything about Notification support since it was announced as the solution to not being able to run apps in the background. It’s one of my most anticipated features.

Feel free to add to my second list in the comments below.

Read [iPhone Hellas] Via [Gizmodo]

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  • brandon

    they need to get copy and paste, bluetooth support profiles (all of them) opened up, voice guidance for gps, walking directions, let you change the background for godsake. i don't know why im paying so much for my phone when i could get something that had a real keyboard all the bluetooth unlocked, voice gps, and mms from alltel for half as much. i love my phone, and i don't want to get rid of it, but apple needs to stop being so stuck up, theyre killing their phone by weighing it down with all these restrictions….

  • djbaddy

    We all are waiting for the iPhone OS 2.2 Update.