Google Search Results for the iPhone gets a better format

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Google Search Results Page on the iPhoneThe Official Google Mobile Blog has just announced that the Google search results pages for the iPhone has just been better optimized. Specifically, the enhancement has something to do with the way search results pages were laid out, making full use of the iPhone’s display panel. According to Google, the enhanced search results pages are now formatted more neatly and appropriately for the small screen of the iPhone. So, if you go to using your iPhone’s Safari browser, you’ll noticed you don’t have to scroll side to side anymore.

Additionally, for local search results, useful links such as “Get Directions” and “Click-to-Call” are now displayed on search results pages. Likewise, maps are also displayed for single listing or through the “Show Map” links for multiple listings of establishments. The classic desktop search results format are also available via the “Classic Link” which is located at the bottom of the search results page.

These are certainly nice additions to the functionality of when using your iPhone. Unfortunately for us non-US iPhone users, the said new features won’t be available for some time. As for you, our dear readers in the U.S., the new format of the Google search results pages is already available, and you can see it if your iPhone or iPod Touch has the the 2.x version of the firmware.

Via [The Official Google Mobile Blog]

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  • Lawson Culver

    Is there a way to get the mobile results to come up when we use the built-in search on Mobile Safari? It's annoying to have to type "" every time before I search.

  • mobile user

    Microsoft released a better search experiance for iPhone too. Try from your iPhone