Light switches are so last century

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Lutron iPhone DemoWho even flips on the lights anymore? Now, thanks to the geniuses at Lutron, all that is required is a simple flick of your iPhone!

Lutron, a company famous for its intelligent lighting, dimmer, and lighting-control products, has announced an iPhone app for controlling your lights. Although few details are available, it is known that the iPhone can control the Lutron WiFi modules, which are connected to the lighting/circuitry in your home. From this device, it is possible to turn the lights on and off, as well as dim them to preset levels (create a bright level for working and a dimmer level for party atmosphere lighting). Details on remote use (i.e. turning the lights on when you are not at home) have not been released, but some clever work with Apple’s Bonjour protocol could definitely make that happen.

The app even lets you create zones for the house, so you can control the lighting in different rooms/room groups. This makes it possible to have lots of light in restrooms and hallways, while still maintaining a subtle ambience in a dining room for your dinner guests. Screenshots of the application appear to show an interface highly consistent with other iPhone apps, with standard navigation controls and glossy, 3-D effect buttons.

This announcement from Lutron has an interesting 6-degrees connection to Steve Jobs, as well (for you conspiracy theorists). Lutron and Disney created the Ultimate Home Theater in the Innoventions pavilion at Walt Disneyworld’s Epcot park in the late 1990s. In case anyone doesn’t know, Steve Jobs is the largest single shareholder of Walt Disney, Inc., after that company’s acquisition of Pixar Animation Studios. Let the wild theories fly!

If an iPhone isn’t in your cadre of gadgets, you can still add some geek chic to your home illumination with these Star Trek wallplates.


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