Atari 2600 controller is USB, OS X compatible

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Atari 2600 USB controllerHard to get more old school than this: Legacy Consumer Electronics has released an Atari 2600 joystick with a USB port.It’s compatible with OS X, Windows, and Linux, and is sure to provide hours of enjoyment until your hands get horrible, crippling cramps from the harsh plastic edges. But I ask you, who really knew about ergonomics in those days?

Finally – a controller to play video games the way they should be played – OLD SCHOOL STYLE !!!

Tired of trying to play video games with a keyboard/mouse?

Tired of trying to use a thumbstick, flight yoke, or other thumbpad designed controllers to play video games and they just don’t work right and your game play suffers?

The answer is here at long last, the classic joystick controller!

Note that Legacy isn’t mentioning the name “Atari” anywhere on their store page, so hopefully this beautiful piece of nostalgia won’t run into any licensing issues. Also no word on how to configure it for use with a particular game, although they state that it should work with “almost any game that can map and use a Standard Gamepad as a controller.”

The controller costs $14.99 (plus shipping, discount if you buy more than one).

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