Hill Billy, a first person shooter coming to the iPhone

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Hill Billy iPhone first person shooterTouchArcade is reporting about an exciting first person shooter being developed for the iPhone. It’s called Hill Billy, and it’s controlled the way we’ve come to expect games to be controlled on the iPhone; by accelerometers. For me, this kind of control has always been kind of hit or miss, but it appears this one’s a hit.

Besides having smooth controls, what really makes this game look so impressive are the graphics. Not only are they detailed, the frame rate is smooth and everything looks good. It really is amazing what a device like an iPhone is capable of doing. It will be interesting what the developer decides to charge for this game. In any event, I really can’t wait to see this game hit the App Store.

Here’s a video demo of the game in action. Enjoy.

Did you notice the carrot at the end? I’m praying that’s a weaponized carrot. What’s up doc? Shoot ’em up. Need I say more?

Via [TouchArcade]

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