Apple and a gaming console?

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Most of us know that Apple has a fantastic core of animation. Most of us know that Apple uses top of the line hardware in all of their devices. Most of us know that the current generation of gaming consoles are 90% computer. It only makes sense that major manufacturers of both marry the two into a gaming console. Microsoft has done it. Sony has done it. Why not Apple?

The current generation of gaming consoles are basically computer hardware and proprietary operating systems, with the graphics accelerator being the most important piece of the puzzle. ATI Technologies makes the graphics chips for the Xbox 360. NVIDIA makes the graphics chips for the Playstation 3. Apple uses graphics chips from both manufacturers in both the iMac and Macbook lines of computers, so we know Apple already has contracts with both and could easily choose one to put into a gaming console.

Many of us would agree that OS X is the best operating system on the planet. Apple has modified it for other platforms with great results; the iPhone demonstrates that. I think a stripped down, barebones version for a gaming console would be more stable and have more features than anything that is available on the market today. Where the problem might come is trying to find developers for games that would have to either write new code or port existing code for a new platform. Still, it has been done before…

I know I am wishing here, but I would snatch one up in heart beat if they made one. iPlay anyone?

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  • pete …..

    controllers will be next generation itouch units…

  • Nicolás Zahlut

    It's hard enough to get games on the Mac (yeah, I know, the number increases, but still). I do not think this would be a good move for Apple.

  • Kirk Hiner

    I still have visions of Pippin haunting my memory. I think Apple will be content to let everyone flock to the iPhone/iPod touch for a while.

    Although some sort of licensing deal between Apple and Nintendo would sure be sweet.

  • josc77

    It might be a great way to kick start the games market for Apple. It's a big reason why some Windows users won't switch even if it's irrelevant to a lot of Mac users.

  • Eman

    'nuff said