How to get your Mac to talk to your Xbox 360

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Are you going to have an Xbox 360 under your tree this year? I know that Microsoft is Apple’s biggest competitor, but a lot of people own both. I am one of them. If you want to get your Mac and Xbox 360 to talk to each other, download Connect 360 from Nullriver.

You can browse and play your iTunes music by song, artist, album, genre or playlist. As you add/remove content to/from your iTunes library, Connect360 keeps your Xbox 360 up to date. You can even listen to your iTunes songs while playing a game on your Xbox 360! Now that’s entertainment. Further, Connect360 can automatically update your iTunes play count and play date for songs played on your Xbox 360.

Once you have the software installed and running on your Mac, all you need to do is navigate to the video, music, or photo folders on the Xbox 360 dashboard and you will see your Mac listed as an option. It’s just that simple.

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