iTunes Plus to add more major music labels?

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iTunes Plus Music LabelsAccording to two of CNet’s music industry sources, Apple is currently in negotiations with three major music labels about getting more DRM free content onto their iTunes Plus Store. It was a long year ago that Apple signed a deal with EMI to get their content onto iTunes Plus. Although Apple and the music label spokespeople refused to comment, the sources have told CNet that the deals are very close to being finalized. What does this mean for users? Well, if this deal goes through, a lot more of your music will be available DRM free, which means it will be able to be played anywhere, not just on your iPod.

If Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG were all to agree on a deal with Apple, this would not only be a major step forward for the music industry as a whole, it would make iTunes even more of a powerhouse in the digital music market. If Apple could get DRM music from the four major labels, they would have even more of an edge over stores like Amazon and any other competitor. We don’t know about you, but we sure hope that this rumor is true. DRM music FTW!

Via [CNet]

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  • Barry Ward

    I REALLY want this to be true. I love iTunes for the sheer convenience of downloading directly into your library with art and tags intact. But I hate DRM telling me what I can do with it, which is why, if it isn't iTunes Plus, I buy from 7Digital or here in the UK. If the other three major labels went DRM free, I would happily buy all my music from iTunes store.

  • Kirk Hiner

    Agreed. When I buy music from iTunes, I always opt for the iTunes Plus option. And honestly, if it's not there, I'll seek out other sources for the music that are DRM free.

    But screw the major labels. I'd love to see more indie labels on iTunes Plus. It's a personal preference, yeah, but some balance there would be appreciated.