iTunes 8.0.2 hits the streets

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iTunes 8.0.2 UpdateIf you happen to navigate your mouse up to the Apple in the top left hand corner of your screen and check for updates, you’ll find the iTunes 8.0.2 update waiting for you. Although this may seem like just another update to you, many people feel as if it is another hint at the soon-to-come iPhone 2.2 Software update.

That said, this update—which “improves stability and performance and provides a number of important bug fixes,” as usual—also contains some specific fixes. According to Apple, this 60.3MB update:

  • Addresses a quality issue when creating MP3s on some computers.
  • Fixes a connectivity issue with the iTunes Store when using some Internet proxies with Mac OS X.
  • Improves accessibility with VoiceOver (which is a technology that helps visually impaired people by reading file contents).

I have successfully installed the software, so you should be good to go, as well. Hopefully, this update also includes some preparations for the next iPhone update that is right around the corner. I was glad to see that it helped to fix a connectivity issue, because I sometimes experienced long load times with the last version, especially when checking for application updates and downloads. Let us know how your experience goes!

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