Apple giving away free holiday workshop

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Apple has announced it will not be charging money for the workshop “Creating Memorable Gifts With Your Photos” starting this weekend at Apple stores across the country. This is obviously a marketing mechanism for people to use iPhoto to create various photo calenders, books, and cards within the iPhoto application.

I have used iPhoto to create both the photo book and cards, and I have to say it is absolutely amazing. The books have several themes to choose from and several different page layouts available. You can choose between a hard-back or a soft-back option. I have chosen to make all hard-backs, and the quality is absolutely breath taking. The images are crisp and jump off the pages. The book construction is sturdy and, in my experience, stands up very well to everyday use. This is a great Christmas gift idea; I know I be ordering a couple this holiday season.

The cards are just as compelling. They can be ordered in bulk with several photos in a lot of different placements. They come with envelopes that are perfectly matched to the sturdy cardboard size. This is an excellent, low cost option for ordering your personalized cards this holiday season.

In my opinion, you just cannot go wrong with the book, cards, or calenders from iPhoto.

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