Boxee releases update for new Apple TV software, has more good news

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Boxee TVFor those of you who love Boxee for your Apple TV, you’ll be delighted to hear that the Boxee team has released an update in response to the Apple TV 2.3 software update. However, this isn’t the only good news coming out of Boxee recently; they have also received $4 million investment from Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures. Obviously, Boxee is very excited about this, and plans to do some exciting things with their software that will make them “The software running tomorrow’s living room, where the Internet, social networks and TV are intertwined.”

With thousands of users, Boxee is an interface that allows users to access content from third party providers such as Hulu, CBS, and Comedy Central over the Apple TV. On top of this, Boxee supports almost all audio and video formats as well as many social networking sites like Flickr, Twitter, and Picasa. Yet the best part about this company is how they handle their customers. In a recent survey on their blog, they asked their users what they want to see come next to the Boxee software, which is a great decision for their company.

Hopefully, we’ll see more success from Boxee in the future.

Via [Distorted-Loop] Product [Boxee]

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