Five reasons to be thankful for Apple

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ThanksgivingThere are a plethora of reasons for me to be thankful this year, and my top five would have nothing to do with Apple. This Thanksgiving week will be filled with turkey, stuffing, corn, pie and family, but I’ll stay on topic and give my top five reasons to be thankful for Apple in 2008:

5. My daughter’s Christmas gift will have her name engraved on it, so, when she loses it, we’ll know its hers. This is the kind of nuance for which we know and love Apple.

4. Apple is making more money than it ever has. Even in these hard economic times, Apple is raking in the dough. Not to mention the 20+ billion in the bank.

3. There are over 250 Apple stores worldwide where we not only get great products, but can also take classes to help us use those products. The iTunes store is second to none for purchasing downloadable content, and the Apps store is just as compelling. Maybe more so.

2. We can all agree that Mac OS X is the greatest operating system on earth. The UNIX engine makes it secure and stable. I have been using OS X for several years now, and it has crashed one time. One time! I am forced to use a Windows machine at work, and it crashes several time a daily. I cannot remember the last time I made it through a whole day without having to reboot it at least once.

1. Apple makes great products to enrich our lives—from the iPod to the iMac and everything between. I know that without Apple product my day-to-day life would not be nearly as fun.

I am just like you in that I cannot wait until Macworld Expo in January, when Apple will dazzle us with more innovative and great products.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a safe and rich holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, from my family to yours.

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