Why there’s no Google Street View on the iPod touch

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Google Street View Madison Square Garden
As an iPod touch owner, I’m very happy with the new 2.2 software update, if for no other reason than it fixed the persistent problem of not remembering “hidden” wireless stations. But there is one big omission from the update (and I’m talking about neither Flash nor Cut & Paste). I’m talking about Google Street View, the on-the-ground representation of what your driving directions look like in the real world.

GSV was included in the update…for the iPhone. Why the omission from the iPod touch? Was it a conspiracy by Apple to make you upgrade to the iPhone? questions the very usefulness of the GSV on the iPod touch:

But the lack of Street View is a software difference. Why wouldn’t Apple include it in the Touch? You might say that, without an Internet connection in the street, it would be useless, but my computer can access Street View and I never take it outside. In fact, out in the street is arguably the least useful place for Street View — you can just open your eyes and see the real street in front of you.

Good point. And after “Stocks,” the Maps application is probably one of my least-used, if only because that when I know I’m heading out and need directions, I’ll print them beforehand. If I need directions while I’m already driving, Maps can’t help me unless I can find an open wireless signal.

Head over to Wired for more analysis on what goes into the iPhone and iPod touch, and what the Touch might have to lose if it gained GSV.

Via [Wired]

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  • al smith

    Sure would be nice to download my iPhone contacts to my Bluetooth truck phone via my iPhone Bluetooth. Come on apple, if other phones can do it, why can't you?

  • brendon

    For the record

    There is a method of putting the street-view function on your iphone (to be used in Maps)

    It requires that your iphone be jailbroken and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember

    I did it a few weeks ago and it works great… i did it just to impress my grandma 😀