Get Google Street View on the iPod touch

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ipod touch with google street viewThat’ll learn me. No sooner do I open my big yap about reasons why Apple didn’t include Google Street View on the iPod touch, than someone figures out how to get it.

It’s a mod, so, of course, that means jailbreaking your iPhone. If you’re willing to do that, the hack apparently isn’t too hard:

It didn’t take long for one of our users, timmyj9, to figure out how to enable the purposely-disabled Street View feature in the Maps application of iPod touch Firmware 2.2. Apple has a history of crippling the iPod touch firmware in order to artificially distinguish from the more profitable iPhone, starting with the company’s removal of the ability to add Calendar events in early iPod touch firmware versions, but the iPod touch modding community has always been quick to correct Apple’s faux-oversights.

If you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty with XML editing (it’s easier than it sounds) and jailbreaking, you too can have Street View on your iPod touch by following timmyj9’s instructions.

Jailbreaking, of course, is a violation of the User Agreement, and makes baby Steve Jobs cry.

Via [iPod touch Fans]

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