Get Emoji icons on the iPhone 2.2 software outside of Japan with an easy file change!

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iPhone 2.2 Emoji Icons
Along with the goodies in the iPhone 2.2 update that was received by all, Japan got something a little more special. Their update also featured Emoji icons, which are basically animated smileys in your text messages and other places. We don’t really know why Apple only included these in Japan, but Steven Troughton-Smith in Dublin, Ireland has found a solution that will allow everyone to get those icons. If you’re afraid of editing some important files on your phone, we wouldn’t recommend trying this.

The first step of this process requires finding the following file: /User/Library/Preferences/

Once that file is found using either some sort of jailbreak technique or an iTunes backup editor, you simply need to change the boolean value on the KeyboardEmojiEverywhere key from “false” to “true.” Once that is complete, go into and click the Japanese option. Once in there, enable Emoji, and you’ll be all set to go! These wonderful smileys can be used with any program that requires the keyboard device, and can add some fun to your writing.

If you get this to work, let us know how it is!

Via [High Caffeine Content]

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  • V.I.P. JiGGa

    Have iPod Touch… :'(

  • Mathew Maher

    Everyone is in a frenzy about this Emoji icons, which is cool, but think about what's happening here. Emoji icons are animated images, GIFs, being sent via SMS – to me this sounds like Apple is preping an update for the States to have this same function in the next minor update (2.2.1). I also see this as the precursor to MMS messaging, just tweak a few functions and -BAM- picture messaging.

  • Zing

    1. MMS? Email already superseded MMS. If anyone should be complaining about MMS, it's not us iPhone owners, it's the poor bastards on older phones which can't do email yet.

    Most likely you will try to point out that MMS allows various kinds of multimedia to be stacked together? Well actually, that's not thanks to MMS, but SMIL (though MMS is only a subset.) And you can still send SMIL over email, of course.

    2. There are no animated .gifs being sent via SMS here. Emoji is what we would call an emoticon. It's just a sequence of characters which users agree symbolises a certain thing (and naturally, this also means that the recipient doesn't need support in their phone, as the characters already look like the symbol without replacing it with a graphic.)

    Which leads to the next point: the primary reason this was only offered in Japan was Softbank, admittedly, but the secondary reason is probably that Japanese emoji are completely different to the emoticons everyone else use. Broadly speaking, Western emoticons lie on their side, and Japanese ones sit up straight.

    So Apple could certainly release Western emoticon support in the next update, but don't expect it to be compatible with the Japanese notion of what different symbols mean. For users like me who do exchange messages with Japanese friends, being able to turn on the Japanese version will still be useful even if they add a Western version.

    It's very upsetting that they took this out in the end, after all the hype the Internet generated. I was really looking forward to using the feature, just not enough to hack my phone to get it.