A cheaper iPhone and iPod external battery alternative

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External Battery price comparison
QuickerTek has announced their rechargeable external battery for any Apple device with a dock connector for the low, low price of $44.95. Yeah, I’m doubting that anyone really wants to drop that kind of money on an external battery. Well, it’s your lucky day.

Call me crazy, but I get the distinct feeling that two battery packs pictured above are exactly the same thing, save perhaps a logo and $31.80. Both are rechargeable external battery packs for Apple devices with dock connectors. They even have LED displays of the same size, shape and placement. The second battery pack is from a online discount store called DealExtreme, and it’s been for sale for over two weeks. They stock all sorts of weird and fun things, most of which don’t carry any logos or the logo tax that goes along with it.

I’ve purchased items from this site before, so I can vouch that they won’t scam you. The only real downside to their site is that all of their products are shipped from Hong Kong. As a result, you can expect some pretty long shipping times, but it’s very likely worth it for the kind of savings you’ll see. If you decide to bite, you might also be interested in their unbranded replacement iPhone headphones with mic (remember that the skip track/pause button is supported on new MacBooks), so take a look around already.

Product [DealExtreme external battery]
Product [QuickerTek external battery]

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