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Well it’s December, and Christmas is right around the corner for those who celebrate it. With hundreds of thousands of iPhones and iPod touches floating around, there are plenty of accessories you could buy for all of your loved ones. However, there is also tons of software from which you can pick and choose that may be just as good a present. With 10,000 apps in the App Store, I’m sure your won’t have any difficulty finding a few for this Christmas season.

That said, I’m going to help you out in your efforts and round up a few of the best ones I could find (all links open the App Store in iTunes).

  • GPS Christmas List (Free) – Using both GPS (on the iPhone 3G) as well as cell tower triangulation (on the older models), this Christmas list application will find your location and then let you know if you are close to a store where you can purchase an item on your list. For each item, you can set an end time for when you need to purchase it by as well as a note to help you remember. With this app, you won’t waste gas this Christmas season by forgetting to stop at a certain store!
  • iChristmas: Christmas Carols ($0.99) – With over 100 of the most popular Christmas carols, this application is great for the caroler in you. It not only includes lyrics and background information for each song, but can also sing along with you for 85 of the songs via the speakers in your device, making it “like getting two apps for one low price!” Better yet, it even offers shakeable jingle bells as well as mistletoe on the go!
  • CountDown To Christmas! (Free) – This countdown application does more than simply keep track of the time left until Christmas for you. With “a very graphical display,” it also allows you to email friends and family specific times so they, too, can know how long it is until Santa comes. On top of these cool features, it also plays a little Christmas music while you are patiently counting down with it.
  • Christmas Memory Match ($0.99) – To make the countdown above seem shorter, you could always download and install a Christmas game. This memory match game contains “beautiful” graphics that allow the user to try and find matches on the board using their memory. Like the other apps, this one also plays bells and tunes during the game play to help get you in the mood of the season. Like plenty of other apps, it also has an area for high scores and fastest times.
  • Christmas Snowglobe ($0.99) – This clever application not only allows you to add more snowflakes by simply dragging your finger along the screen, it also lets you decide which way they fall using the iPhone’s accelerometer. You can choose from three different globes: one featuring a tree with lights, one a bunny with a carrot, and one a snowman. If that’s not enough, you can also use any picture on your phone for inside of the snowglobe!
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  • Glen

    Adventskalenderen is a norwegian Advent Calendar iPhone App. It might still give you the spirit of christmas. Try it if you like!

  • Lara

    Try this Christmas game. Its cool and very festive. Fun for all :) Happy Holidays x

  • Steve

    Want to see who is naughty or nice? Use the Santa Naughty Nice Detector iPhone App! You can shake it and Santa's voice announces the result. Great graphics akin to the Christmas specials we all grew up with. You can see it all at or search "Santa Naughty Nice" on the iTunes app store!

  • Erich

    For anyone with small kids (2-5), there's a free Christmas version of TowerSmash, which is an iPhone wood blocks simluator toy – kids love it! :-)

  • SuperDanceElf

    Make an Elf of yourself or friends with this new iphone app that turns you into a dancing video elf or reggae reindeer. Share the dancers with others.

    Elected best christmas app 2009

  • Steve

    A friend showed me this totally free app that plays christmas carols. Get it here

  • Shara Karasic

    These are great, thanks for this list. Check out this list of future app ideas for NEXT Christmas:



  • Carrie

    For another great app check out Simple Christmas app to send e-greeting with your own flair and creativity! You get lots of tree choices, wreath, background and fun decorations to move around. Lots of fun and friends love getting the canvas of Christmas that you build.

  • Nicola

    Punflay has released 3 new apps for Christmas- 12 days to Christmas, Jerricho the Elf and My Story Time! Gift these to the little ones at home! Happy holidays!

  • Layla

    Don't forget Christmas Defense. It is full of wacky characters and turkey launchers! What more would you ask for? :)