Ambrosia extends iPhone/iPod touch game sale

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Ambrosia SaleOriginally planned for one week only, Ambrosia Software is now putting all of its iPhone/iPod Touch games on sale for 99 cents throughout the entire month of December.

The sale comprises the following games:

  • Aki Mahjong, normally $4.99, combines the ancient Chinese game of Mahjong with an enchanting journey across Japan. The game is easy to learn, with beautifully detailed game pieces and backgrounds, as well as a sophisticated soundtrack.
  • mondo Solitaire offers over 100 games and more than 200 combinations of gameplay. Crisp, customizable graphics combine with clever enhancements like an on-screen magnifying glass make gameplay intuitive and smooth. mondo Solitaire regularly sells for $9.99.
  • Mr. Sudoku lets you draw your desired number right on the screen, then tap to place it where you want it on the game board. Mr. Sudoku offers four levels of difficulty and thousands of Sudoku puzzles from which to choose. Mr. Sudoku is regularly $4.99.

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