iTunes to be completely DRM free starting Tuesday?

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iTunes DRM Free MusicAccording to a French blog known as ElectronLibre, Apple will be announcing a completely DRM free iTunes music store on December 9th. With information pointing to this being on a global scale, it would mean that Apple has finally come to an agreement with Universal Music, SonyBMG Music and Warner. Furthermore, on top of this cheery Christmastime news, Apple is expected to announce some more free content from their iTunes store this holiday season. With the more than once a week free download, this could really help boost sales behind the iTunes Store this year.

I personally would love to see a DRM free music store. Not only would this be good in general for anybody who purchases music from the store, it would also provide better competition against Amazon’s new online music store. On top of that, it shows that Apple and the music industry have been able to reach an agreement that is shifting our digital media in the right direction. If this rumor is true, there are good things on the horizon!

Via [ElectronLibre]

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  • Nico [nZ]

    Great news if this turns out to be true. It would be nice to also see it passing over to movies and tv shows.

    I, unfortunately, run a PC with Windows XP SP3. iTunes 8 HD playback on this particular system is awful, so I watch all my HD or FullHD content on VLC… except for anything downloaded from the iTunes Store.

    I don't have many TV Shows, so it's not really a big issue for me, but I bet other people would like to burn certain stuff to DVD/Blu-ray or show it off on a non-Apple player.

    That's pretty much all I have to say regarding this matter (I went on another direction but, hey, I'm just posting a comment on a blog).

    P.S.: Am I insane from dreaming of a day when TV shows purchases outside the U.S. (most precisely, here in Argentina) will be possible?

  • Barry Ward

    This would be very good news- hope it comes true.
    Like Nico, I hope someday they will make TV shows and films DRM free too, as it's hard to watch them on someone else's tv if they haven't got an AppleTV or PC input.
    I can understand film rentals having to use DRM, but not everything else.

  • Nico [nZ]

    If someone could explain to me why they can't offer TV shows worldwide, I'd really appreciate it.