iPhone nano rumors revived in time for Macworld

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iPhone nano rumorsiPhone nano rumors are nothing new. It’s actually hard to tell if the iPhone nano is one of those rumors created by fanboys who want a product badly or if there’s actually a product being developed. iDealsChina is claiming they have information pointing to the latter just in time for Macworld.

You may remember iDealsChina from the Griffin case mouldings pointing to the newest iPod nano, or perhaps from the erroneous rumor of the GPS enabled iPod touch. So, it’s a little hard to trust this rumor. Adding to the doubt is the fact that the App Store—arguably the iPhone’s best feature—would have some difficulty adjusting to an iPhone nano. Apps would likely have to be redesigned with special modes just for the iPhone nano. While a smaller iPhone might be nice for some, it would be a huge pain for many.

Via [MacRumors]

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