Apple releases holiday Get a Mac ads

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Get A MacApple has released some Christmas themed Get a Mac ads to air this holiday season. Like usual, these two ads feature the same two characters, only this time they are animated. However, you can guarantee yourself that these two ads come with the same good ol’ Microsoft bashing that we have all grown so used to. The commercials are titled “I Can Do Anything” and “Tree Trimming” and contain a guest appearance from a lovely rabbit on his way to the Apple Store.

The Tree Trimming commercial first shows both Mac and PC setting up lights and ornaments on a Christmas tree. Once Mac asks PC to turn it on, he apprehensively tries to avoid the situation. When he turns it on, we see why. The tree lights up the phrase “PC Rules,” and then the ad ends with PC apologizing and the usual iMac. In the other video, “I Can Do Anything,” PC first shows off all of the cool stuff he can do since he is an animation. Then a bunny comes along and PC brags that he can talk to him, only to find out that the bunny is on his way to the Apple Store. PC then gracefully pushes a snow man onto him.

It’s some good holiday fun, I hope you enjoy them as much as me. You can watch them at the link below.

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