Apple calls 2009 its last year at Macworld Conference and Expo

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Apple announced today that its keynote and exhibition at Macworld 2009 will be its last. Macworld, a Mac centered conference that has been running since 1985, will no longer have Apple included in it’s broad range of exhibitors. The final keynote will be held on January 6th, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. PST, and it will be presented by Phil Schiller. No Steve…let the rampant speculation begin.

The conference will run from January 5th – 9th. Apple explains it’s decision with a simple fact: trade shows reach a small percentage of customers. With newer methods such as Apple Retail stores and the Apple Store online, conferences and expos are becoming a thing of the past, and Apple realizes its just not worth the resources. Apple’s Retail stores are visited by 3.5 million people each and every week, with the online store being accessed by even more consumers.

Apple has shown a steady progression of retracting from trade shows, and it seems to have left the most prominent of them all.

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