Metal Gear Solid Touch coming to the iPhone

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Metal Gear Solid Touch
The next Metal Gear is coming exclusively to the iPhone. It started out as a rumor, which came from a scan in Famistu, a Japanese gaming magazine. The scan from the newest Famitsu Weekly clearly shows an iPhone and a hand demonstrating the gesture commonly used for zooming. Konami has confirmed that the game is coming, and it’s called Metal Gear Solid Touch.

Metal Gear Solid Touch is an original title set in the MGS4 universe, just as Kotaku speculated. When released, the game will come with 8 stages. More stages will be available for download later. The gameplay is gesture, not accelerometer, based. The game will even reward players with bonus points which can be redeemed for iPhone backgrounds and the like.

Expect Metal Gear Solid Touch to be released worldwide in Spring 2009.

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