Apple heading into some rough times? Recent conference news round-up

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Steve Jobs
It seems as if there has been a lot of news lately about Apple. Usually, this is a good thing. However, recently it seems as if most of this news is negative in one way or another. With health concerns, keynote absences, and cancellations, this can’t be good for Apple’s PR, especially during the holiday season. Although some of these items are bigger news than others, they are all important to the company.

No Stevenote at MacWorld this year – That’s right, folks, Steve won’t be giving his regular keynote that features him talking all things Apple in a customary black turtle neck this year. Phil Schiller will be taking his place. That said, Steve will still be on everyone’s mind. With health concerns about the Apple co-founder (and some may say necessity), the announcement of his absence has geeks worldwide in curiosity and awe. Does this mean he will be retiring soon? Is there no good news this year for him to announce? Is he prepping Phil to take his place? We’ll have to wait and see.

Apple’s last MacWorld – Although we could have seen it coming, Apple has announced that this will be the last year in which they will participate in the MacWorld event. With their market share increasing, Apple doesn’t need this event anymore to boost their reputation; they can do it all on their own. I can’t remember the last time the press didn’t go crazy over a new Apple product no matter what time it was launched, let alone at MacWorld. Although this isn’t great news, I don’t think it is all that bad.

Apple Expo Paris canceled – As Apple gradually lowered their participation in this event, it just hasn’t been able to get the required amount of attention. Therefore, the event has been canceled this year. If this is any hint at the future, let’s hope we don’t see the same thing happening to Macworld San Francisco. Otherwise, what will all of us Apple fanboys gawk about every year?

No Netbooks – Even with rumors ablaze a while back about Apple netbooks, we have yet to see Apple launch one. It is believed this is because they can’t make a quality product for cheap enough. However, they need to. Especially with the economy the way it is, many people aren’t willing to purchase $1,000+ plus notebooks. There is reason to believe the cheapness of netbooks is going to make them extremely popular very soon now (if they aren’t already), and Apple needs to be there when that happens.

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