Speculation on the meaning of Steve Jobs’ absense at this year’s Macworld

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Steve Jobs
The news of the absence of our favorite, black turtleneck wearing CEO at this year’s MacWorld event is certainly well known by now. However, it is not known why he or Apple has decided to make this decision, especially with only about three weeks left until this year’s event. It certainly came as a shock to most Apple fans out there. When you take the time to sit down and think about it, there are a few reasons why this could be so.

For one, there is always the thought that Steve Jobs may be too sick to talk at this year’s event. It is widely known that he has pancreatic cancer and has long been feeling the after effects of the treatment for it. Recently, sharp eyed Apple fans have noticed how he is thinner and thinner at every appearance. This certainly can’t be good for him.

Then, there is always the thought that Mr. Jobs himself may be soon stepping down from Apple. He has been there for quite some time, and is getting pretty old for a job that I’m sure requires a lot of energy. It takes a man with a lot of passion to stick around for as long as he has. That said, the announcement that Phil Schiller will be giving this year’s keynote leads to another thought. Could Steve be taking Phil under his wing to get him ready to fill in? I guess only time will tell for this question.

Still, there may be a third reason. Perhaps Apple doesn’t have any eye opening gadgets to announce this year since their products have been at full tilt lately. With no really exciting news, maybe Steve has simply decided to step down a little bit this year and let somebody else take over. After all, what would a keynote be without any great new products to talk about? What would happen to all of those famous “booms?” Exactly.

Going against the popular saying “last but not least,” the final reason may be the least likely. How great would it be if good ol’ Steve showed up half way through the keynote to make a surprise speech to our adoring hearts? Alright, that’s not going to happen, but one can hope.

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  • George

    I don't believe that Apple will show up at Macworld without a big
    announcement, their culture won't allow for the "second team" to show up with mediocre announcements. This is an opportunity for Apple to show case the second team and give them a springboard to a public presence while grabbing every ones attention. What better way to provide a solid foundation for the evolving of the management team without SJ.

  • Nick

    I agree. There's definitely something coming up as George writes.
    I wonder however what preparations Apple has for a person to step up after Steve Jobs. For sure this can't be an easy task.