Boot Camp update addresses Macbook multitouch trackpads

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Boot Camp multi-touch updateApple has released an update to Boot Camp. The update is pretty slim on details. Here’s what it has to say…

This update improves the performance of the Apple Multi-Touch trackpad when running Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on a Mac computer using Boot Camp.

The release also has a link to additional information about the update, but the link is currently broken. Though details are a little less verbose than they could be, I think it’s safe to say this is a welcomed update to all new MacBook owners who use Boot Camp considering how badly the trackpad has worked under Windows in the past. Though, if ArsTechnica is correct, this update just swaps one kind of broken for another.

Originally, the cursor moved erratically no matter what, but now that’s been fixed. The problems now relate to recognition between left and right clicks, and moving the cursor and scrolling. If you ask me, this is still an improvement. You could solve all of these problems by getting VMWare Fusion and virtualizing Windows. Or, better yet, buy a mouse.

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