XSKN cases hint at new Apple iPhone Nano

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iPhone nanoXKSN, a company that produces many different types of cases for various Apple products, has updated their site with a new category that has sparked many rumors. This category, entitled iPhone Nano, has only further fueled the fire when it comes to thoughts of an iPhone Nano one day being released. If Apple did release this product at this year’s Macworld Expo, at least they would be going out with a bang in the absence of Steve Jobs. However, this isn’t just some random site that is producing this rumor, they have quite a nice track record when it comes to new Apple products.

MacRumors points out that this site also had cases for sale for the iPhone 3G before it was even released. It doesn’t stop there, though. They also sold accurate cases for the 4th Generation iPod nano before it made its way onto the market. With these two successes on their back, could XKSN be on to something again? I sure hope so, because an iPhone nano would be great to see.

Via [MacRumors]

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