iPhone Nano rumors just won’t quit

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Leaked iPhone Nano image
There have been a bunch of rumors flying around lately about the iPhone Nano, but they seem to be adding up to “sum-thing.” Okay, I apologize for that terrible pun, but take a look at this leaked image claiming to be the iPhone 3G along side its fabled little bro the iPhone Nano.

The image looks pretty convincing. The volume button is very close to the same size on both phones, and nothing looks obviously shopped. Then again, some people are just so good at this stuff.

This rumored iPhone Nano would be about one row of apps shorter than the current iPhone 3G in height. Otherwise, it looks almost identical. If this series of rumors turns out to be real, it will be interesting how apps are handled on the smaller display. Will everything just be scaled down, or will apps have to be modified to display correctly. Here’s a thought; one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone is the virtual keyboard, I like it, but many don’t. How much are those users going to hate a smaller virtual keyboard that would likely come along with a smaller screen?

Via [MacRumors]

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