HP allows iPhone users to print from anywhere

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HP iPrint Application
A new iPhone application called iPrint from HP allows users to print borderless 4″ by 6″ images from their iPhone using a wifi enabled HP printer on their local network. The application uses Apple’s Bonjour technology to easily find and connect to HP printers on your network to make using this application as easy as possible. However, this app also contains “de-noise filtering technology” to help make your prints appear as sharp as possible. Although the demo video on HP’s site shows that the iPhone can only print images from, I think there is much more to this app than that.

Sure, it’s nice to be able to print your photos from your iPhone, but what about emails and all of that? If you think about it, this app actually allows you to print anything from your iPhone’s screen. How? Just take a screen shot (home button + sleep/wake button) of anything you want printed! For instance, if you get important directions to a party and you want a hard copy so you can give it to your friend (who’s phone doesn’t have email), you can simply take a screen shot then print it from See what I mean? For being such a simple app, I think it really adds a lot to the iPhone and what it is capable of doing. And the best part is, it’s free!

Via [Hewlett Packard, iTunes]

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