Free Apps Roundup for January 2nd, 2009

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Free Apps roundup for January 2nd, 2009Happy New Year! I think this year I’ll resolve to keep my iPhone’s home screens a little more organized, though, like most New Year resolutions, I doubt it’s really going to happen. And more free apps probably aren’t helping. Here’s my list to feed the habit.

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – “Did I ever tell you I was struck by lightning? Seven times!” … Awesome movie, and I’m sure the book is great too. Yes, I’m aware that that’s the wrong order in which to enjoy media like this, and I’m sorry. Anyway, you can join me in reading the original for free on your iDevice.
  • Wordplay Lite – Here’s another word game. Spell words by sliding letters around. There’s a goal word at the bottom of the screen; spell it and advance to the next level. The game looks fun and cool with the wooden block style letters.
  • Travelo mini – San Francisco ‘09 featuring SOMA – Going to Macworld next week and don’t know where to go? Here’s a free travel guide to help you with the area around the Moscone Center. I thought everything there is to see had an Apple sticker on it in San Fran, but this app claims different.
  • GW Helmet – Turn your iPhone into a Game and Watch. The graphics are recreated faithfully. You can tilt left or right or tap on the sides of the screen to move your guy safely from one side of the screen to the other. Looks pretty awesome.
  • Polarize – Take a pic and make it look like it was taken with a digital polaroid cam. Actually, that’s a good idea. Imagine a camera with a polaroid mode. So every picture you take just automatically gets the polaroid picture treatment. Until that gets added, you’ll have to use this.
  • iSteam – Now your iPhone can reflect the steamy life you lead, or at least mine can. You’ll have to blow at your iPhone to create the steam on screen, where as mine just steams up by itself. Then you’re free to wipe the condensation from the screen with your finger and watch the water beads drip down realistically complete with the squeaky water-on-finger sound effects. You can also write secret messages before getting all steamy. I think I’ll write “I’m awesome ;)” and pass it around.
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