Appletell grades Phil Schiller’s keynote

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Phil Schiller being watched
So it’s no secret that Phil Schiller was going to be under the magnifying glass during this, Apple’s last Keynote for Macworld. Everyone was watching, and for the most part, he did a great “job.”

Phil Apple Store

Of course, Phil is not Steve Jobs, so there wasn’t that pesky reality distortion field, and there was quite a drought of “booms.” But Phil was confident and I don’t remember any “ums” or “ahs,” so he was quite prepared.

Phil Apple Store

And that preparedness is just what Steve Jobs apparently wanted to avoid this year. So, I guess Steve kinda screwed over the Schiller family this holiday season. Oh well.

The thing to take away from this is that while Steve Jobs may always be Apple’s fearless leader, he’s not the only one at Apple. Apple employs some of the best workers in the industry who make arguably some of the best products. When Steve finally does decide to leave, I believe the company is still in good hands.

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  • Nico [nZ]

    To me, besides Phil's performance, Apple has just started 2009 with a big disappointment. Software upgrades and updated MacBook pro… … … That's a press release, not a keynote.