Free Apps Roundup for January 9th, 2009

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Free Apps Roundup for January 9th, 2009It’s Macworld week, possibly one of the worst weeks ever for a developer to try to get an app released during. But, as always, some made it through.

  • FaceDouble Celebrity Look Alike Lite – This app lets you take a pic of yourself and compare it to celebrities to find out which one you most resemble. It works with facial matching and thousands of celebrities. It said that I looked mostly like me. This thing is good.
  • Cubes Free – You might remember Cubes Lite? This is slightly different. This is the free version of the full game. It’s supported by ads, so if those don’t bother you, you’re golden. Basically, it’s like the Rubik’s Cube of your nightmares, but instead of that craziness, all you have to do is find groups of similarly colored cubes that make up the larger cube, touch them and they disappear, much like many of your acquaintances.
  • Ski and Snow Reports – This accesses the popular service,, to find out slope conditions. You can view local hills, find weather forecasts, and even view some live webcams. Plus, if you’re so inclined, you can post your own ski report for them to use.
  • Mancala: FS5 (FREE) – Here’s a free Mancala game. What makes it interesting is that you can not only do multiplayer over any network, but you can also invite an AIM buddy to play along with you. Then, during the game you can type insults back and forth, though I’m doubting Mancala ever gets that heated.
  • Jew’s Harp – This one is free for a limited time. It’s just like the mouth harp you might have played around with as a child. No I’m not talking about braces. It’s a simulated piece of metal that you flex, which makes a sound. You let that sound bounce around in your mouth by holding it close enough and adjusting the size and openness of your mouth to change qualities of the sound.
  • Backgrounds – Choose from over 50,000 backgrounds to download organized in 30 categories. If you’ve ever gotten sick of your default background, or change your mind a lot, you need this. The only real disappointment here is that you can’t set your iPhone background from this app, you can only download them. You’ll have to set it in Settings.
  • Pandora – I’ve recommended Pandora before, but now it’s been updated to version 2.0. With that upgrade comes Cover Flow like functionality. And there’s all the functionality you’ve come to love with Pandora.
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