Speculation on the meaning of Apple’s drop out of upcoming Macworlds

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By now, it’s old news that Apple will no longer be participating in Macworld, one of the biggest Mac focused conference events around. The concrete reason from Apple for this unexpected dropout is nonexistent, making it hard for many of us loyal Mac users to know why they have decided to stop. However, when Apple leaves something open to interpretation from their customers, that is exactly what is going to happen. The following reasons are a couple potential causes for Apple’s “abandonment” of Macworld.

  • Could Apple be moving on to bigger, better events? – If you have heard of Macworld, you have most likely heard of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which runs at the same time as Macworld. This event that takes place in Las Vegas attracts 1,700 companies from all over the world every year, making it a boiling pot for new technology. Knowing Apple has stepped out of Macworld, could they possibly believe it’s time for the company to hop on the CES bandwagon? Apple has grown a lot these past few years, and I believe the company is ready to make an appearance at such a large event. That, and it would be really interesting to have two Stevenotes at one event.
  • Apple doesn’t need Macworld anymore to announce products – When Apple was a smaller company, they could take great advantage of all the press coverage of Macworld. However, now that they are much larger with many more products, they don’t necessarily need Macworld to announce a new product. They can either do it on their own time or even take advantage of CES in the coming years, if they want. Either way, people will hear about it.

There are plenty more reasons out there that could be just as probable as these, as no one is really sure beyond what Apple has publicly stated. However, both of these reasons seem to be the most prominent in the current news. What are your thoughts? Why has Apple left Macworld?

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