XKCD comics take on the Windows 7 beta, ours on Snow Leopard

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Mac OS X Snow LeopardXKCD Comics, an extremely popular online comic strip that can usually be found among the top ten stories on Digg, has created a pretty funny comic about the new Windows 7 beta. This beta, which has been released to the public (2.5 million to be exact) this week at CES, is being offered by Microsoft as an update from their current operating system, Vista. Although it is still in the beta process, many users believe it already has quite a few improvements over Vista. Most are even saying Windows 7 is what Vista should have been. At any rate, check out the comic after the jump.

With seeds of Snow Leopard making their way around the Mac OS X developers and testers, it’s really going to be interesting to see what happens after both of these system are officially released. Apple’s Snow Leopard promises better Exchange support throughout the system, which is a nice little tease for current Windows users. On top of that, it also promises to make the underlying OS much more stable and fast. Only time will tell what is going to happen to Apple and Microsoft after these OS updates, but they are in for quite a nice war, both ways. That said, we already have somewhat of a nice comparison from the oh-so-reliable Onion.

Via [XKCD Comics]

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