The Potion Factory releases The Hit List beta

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the hit list
There is certainly no shortage of GTD apps in the OS X shareware world. Active developers, who respond well to community feedback, have proven to create healthy competition between apps. Just as Cultured Code released version 1.0 of their lauded app, Things, the Potion Factory has struck back with a free beta version of their own GTD app: The Hit List. The Hit List, at first glance, is similar to Things in its simplicity, as the novice can use it immediately. There are, however, other advanced features, such as a tagging system that helps you organize tasks by category/topic.

What I like about The Hit List is that it is made to be used with the keyboard; a really nice option for those who enjoy using the keyboard rather than the mouse. Additionally, The Hit List organizes tasks into cards (much like the old hipster PDA) and folders, which can be tabbed, a great option. Overall, those who enjoy Things may want to give The Hit List a chance before they lay down the $50 needed for Things.

Finally, looking at the preferences, The Potion Factory says they are indeed planning on releasing an iPhone version of The Hit List, one that will sync with the desktop version.

the hit list iphone

A free public beta is available.

Product [The Hit List]

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