Who exactly is Tim Cook? [updated]

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Tim CookTim Cook, who will be filling in for Steve Jobs for Apple’s day to day operations over the next six months, is a veteran employee of large companies in the technology industry, and he has a good schooling career to back it up. During his early years, he “earned an M.B.A. from Duke University, where he was a Fuqua Scholar, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University.” He then started off his career at IBM, where he eventually became the lead of the manufacturing and distribution functions. Soon, he found himself as vice president of Corporate Materials for Compaq. Not too long after that in March 1998, Cook first took his position at Apple as the Chief Operating Officer, where he was responsible for the company’s worldwide sales and operations.

If this information isn’t enough for you to believe he is a worthy replacement for Steve for the next six months, read on. When Steve was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in 2004, it was none other than Tim Cook himself who stepped up to fill his position then, too. [Update: According to NPR, Cook was hand picked by Jobs three years ago and has been working very closely with him ever since.] If you ask me, Tim Cook is more than ready to take over at Apple while Steve is out. He’s done it before, he has plenty of experience, and Apple is in a position where they can coast for a bit while the economy is down, anyways. Do you agree?

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  • Michael Lafferty

    As a more than twenty year Apple observer, I agree: absolutely.

    And, Tim Cook is surrounded by a very strong management team. Apple has been almost singularly adept at assembling such a dedicated group since Steve Jobs returned from obscurity so many years ago.

    No other company I can think of has addressed such challenges as well as Apple, nor has any individual business leader has executed such strategies quite so well as Jobs has.

  • Luis

    I think he will do fine, but Steve will be missed regardless. : (