Full Throttle as cinema

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Full Throttle
Older gamers will have fond memories of Full Throttle, a title that, in my opinion, is a contender for Best Mac Game Ever. Yes, even in a battle with X-Wing—and small wonder, since they were both produced by Lucasarts.

In Full Throttle you play a biker named Ben who’s set up for a murder and spends the rest of the game tracking down the rat who done him wrong. Along the way, you point-and-clicked your way through some devious puzzles and hilarious dialogue towards an ending that was truly cinematic.

Don’t believe me? Well now you can find out, because the entire game has been recorded, edited, and turned into an hour-long .AVI, which you can download for free. Sure, you can’t solve any of the classic puzzles, but you can enjoy the witty writing and the amazing plotting. As for those who played the game when it came out, nostalgia may have a bittersweet taste: Lucasarts was reported to have been in the middle of a sequel which was canceled.

Of course, there’s always the hopes that these great, classic games (like the original X-Wing) could be re-released for the Mac and PC, taking advantage of higher processing speed. And Lucasarts could also blow the dust off the Full Throttle sequel…

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  • diane

    It would be great if classic games made a return for computers, I miss all the great games. When I was watching Dragons Den they had a table top game machine where this guy wanted to bring back all the old games on a table top games machine, ok bad idea as you do not want to be bent down trying to play a game, but it would be great if someone invented an upright games machine with all the old classic games on